2010-05-19 18:00:00 by BabblingIdiot

Alright everyone, I'm sure you've all been waiting for NF:Anime Adventure 2 and I will be releasing a Futanari gallery soon to all those futa lovers. Now, if you're wondering why it's been taking so long, it's because I've been procrastinating. It's a tedious task to make sure all the code is right on the flash and to get pictures and then to make buttons and then to make sure they work and send you to the right frame so therefore, I haven't felt like doing it, but I am announcing a release date for the first(I think) Futanari Gallery.

Nexus Force's Futanari gallery will be out May 20,2010 OR or OR, May 21,2010.

Nah it'll be out around May 20,2010 at the latest but i'm working on it as I type this(I've just decided to take a break) so it should be done soon.



2009-06-02 18:11:17 by BabblingIdiot

Hiya fellas! None of you are my fans cuz I have none cuz all my submissions are mediocre at best, dont worry I know. Just sayin hi to the community after bein gone for a while. Finally got my goddamn speakers to work on this computer so I can do alot more. Maybe a few flashes from me headed this way, maybe yes, maybe no. Oh and by the way, LLAMAS!!!!!!!!!

Problems with flash

2008-11-06 20:27:28 by BabblingIdiot

Well, I got a free trial of flash. I hoped i would at least get one decent animation or quiz out. I can't figure out how to do frame by frame. I draw on each frame moving normally, but when I play it back, it just stays on the first spot. Can anyone help?